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What You Need to Know About NEW BAN on Residential Purchases for NON-Residents

In June 2022, the Canadian Prohibition on the Purchase of Residential Property by Non-Canadians Act received royal assent. The Act effectively bans the purchase of residential real estate for non-Canadians and imposes a fine to anyone who breaches it as a non-Canadian purchaser or as a person who assists a non-Canadian in purchasing residential real estate. This ban is set to take effect on January… Read More »

The Education Property Tax Rebate

A new program to help eliminate the Education Property Tax in Manitoba The Province of Manitoba is continuing its phase out of the Education Property Tax in Manitoba, moving from a locally-determined model for funding education to funding out of general revenues. The Government states this will put Manitoba on equal footing with other provinces. Currently, Manitoba is the only province which operates under a… Read More »

Changes to Educational Property Tax: The Education Property Tax Rebate

In this year’s Provincial Budget 2021, the Manitoba government began its strategy to eliminate educational property taxes for Manitobans. Specifically, the government implemented two main changes: a reduction in the Education Property Tax Credit and Advance (from a maximum of $700 to a maximum of $525 annually), and the implementation of the Education Property Tax Rebate (EPTR). Despite the implementation of the EPTR, property owners… Read More »

Prescriptive Easements and Indefeasibility of Title

In our real property system landowners can, for the most part, absolutely rely on what the Certificate of Title says as a full and complete answer regarding rights to any particular piece of real property. Section 59 of Manitoba’s The Real Property Act says that very explicitly. It reads: Conclusive evidence — title paramount (indefeasible) 59(1) Every certificate of title or registered instrument, as long… Read More »


The New Home Warranty Act and Regulations were originally to be in force on January 1, 2017.  The PC Government delayed and eventually scrapped the implementation of the Act and Regulations. With recent developments in rural Manitoba, there seems to be renewed interest in this topic, with advocates suggesting that there needs to be some mechanism to protect purchasers of newly built homes.  There does… Read More »

Municipal Connection Requirements

In 2009, amendments were made to the Onsite Wastewater Management Systems Regulation (MR 83/2003). These regulations were developed to enhance the protection of water quality throughout the Province. One of the amendments included requirements for new and existing onsite wastewater systems to be decommissioned and for wastewater sources to be connected to wastewater collection systems, where available, within five years.The Regulations require that wastewater collection… Read More »