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Buying a Home: GST

The issue of GST as it applies to the purchase of a home is a complex issue which should be discussed with your lawyer prior to signing an Offer to Purchase in order to determine whether it must be paid on the purchase of a home, and whether you have the necessary funds to pay for the additional tax cost, if applicable. Generally, the sale… Read More »

Selling a Home: GST

The issue of GST, as it applies to the sale of a home is a complex issue which should be discussed with your lawyer at an early stage to determine whether it must be charged and collected from the buyer of your home. It is the responsibility of a seller to determine whether a particular transaction should have GST applied to it. The GST applies… Read More »

Condominium Purchases and Sales

Condominium laws were changed in 2015 that apply to both new and existing condominium corporations and purchases of condominium units. The laws are fairly complex so buyers and sellers should seek legal advice when taking the important step of selling or purchasing a condominium unit. When making an offer to purchase a condominium, buyers are entitled to disclosure. Upon receiving the disclosure as may be… Read More »

Buying a Home: Land Transfer Tax

In Manitoba, a buyer is required to pay Land Transfer Tax. There are only very limited exceptions to the payment of Land Transfer Tax. For example, an “interspousal” transfer of land between spouses or common-law partners in typically exempt from Land Transfer Tax, however, a minimum registration charge will be applicable. The sale of farmland to another farmer (as defined by the applicable legislation), who… Read More »

What You Need to Know About the NEW BAN on Residential Purchases for NON-Residents

In June 2022, the Canadian Prohibition on the Purchase of Residential Property by Non-Canadians Act received royal assent. The Act effectively bans the purchase of residential real estate for non-Canadians and imposes a fine to anyone who breaches it as a non-Canadian purchaser or as a person who assists a non-Canadian in purchasing residential real estate. This ban is set to take effect on January… Read More »