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The New Limitations Act: What you need to know

The Government of Manitoba passed recent legislation that is set to come into force on September 30, 2022 called Bill 51. It accomplishes two things: it repeals The Limitations of Actions Act and replaces it with The Limitations Act. The new legislation makes some significant changes from the old. These changes are critical to understand for lawyers and anyone considering bringing civil claims, as the… Read More »


By Gemma L. Brown, Partner and Alexandra Philippot, Articling Student-at-Law Bill C-208, which was introduced by Larry Maguire, MP from Brandon-Souris, makes amendments to the Income Tax Act by aiming to lessen the tax burden on intergenerational transfers of small businesses, family farms or fishing corporations. This bill addresses a gap in the Income Tax Act that made it more costly for small business owners… Read More »

Can Someone Who is Tied up in Bankruptcy be Appointed as an Executor or Power of Attorney?

When writing up a Will or Power of Attorney one needs to be careful that the person(s) being appointed are trustworthy and capable. There are also potential legal limitations if a person appointed has declared bankruptcy. Appointment of an Undischarged Bankrupt as Executor: The Trustee Act states, at section 9(1) that: The court may make an order appointing a new trustee either in substitution for, or… Read More »

Mail Forwarding for Estate Administrators

Following a death, an executor’s responsibilities and list of tasks can be lengthy. While it may take a while to get everything in order, one important task to take care of early is dealing with the deceased’s mail. Taking care of this task early on will ensure that all bills or important correspondence sent to the deceased will not be missed but rather, will be… Read More »

New Legislation Impacts Rural Property Owners

Recent changes to three pieces of legislation have all now taken effect and modify statutes that deal with property, specifically The Petty Trespasses Act, The Occupiers’ Liability Act, and The Animal Diseases Act. These modifications serve to enhance protections for property owners against offences such as petty trespass, reducing their liability to trespassers, and creating stronger protections for commercial animals and other livestock. The Animal… Read More »

Wills & Estates for First Nations People – Part 2

Part 2: Estates Note: The word “Indian” is used in this document only to reference the language used in the Indian Act. The term Indigenous refers to individuals who self-identify as Métis, Inuit or First Nations (Status or non-Status). The proper term to describe someone who has historically been named an “Indian” is First Nations. This article is a continuation of the article entitled “Part… Read More »