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Transferring Firearms from Estates

Canada has extensive regulations regarding the use and ownership of firearms. In situations where an owner of firearms passes away this can create tricky issues for the estate to navigate. Role of the Estate‚Äôs Personal Representative When an executor or administrator deals with an estate that has a firearm, they have the same rights that the deceased had, while the estate is being settled. The… Read More »

2023 Rent Guidelines

Rent Guidelines The rent increase guideline is the amount by which landlords can increase the rent of units without applying to the branch. The Manitoba Government has maintained the rent increase guideline at 0% continuing into 2023. There are certain residential units that are exempt from the rent increase guidelines, including: units renting for $1,570 or more a month as of December 31, 2021 and… Read More »

What You Need to Know About NEW BAN on Residential Purchases for NON-Residents

In June 2022, the Canadian Prohibition on the Purchase of Residential Property by Non-Canadians Act received royal assent. The Act effectively bans the purchase of residential real estate for non-Canadians and imposes a fine to anyone who breaches it as a non-Canadian purchaser or as a person who assists a non-Canadian in purchasing residential real estate. This ban is set to take effect on January… Read More »

The Education Property Tax Rebate

A new program to help eliminate the Education Property Tax in Manitoba The Province of Manitoba is continuing its phase out of the Education Property Tax in Manitoba, moving from a locally-determined model for funding education to funding out of general revenues. The Government states this will put Manitoba on equal footing with other provinces. Currently, Manitoba is the only province which operates under a… Read More »

The New Limitations Act: What you need to know

The Government of Manitoba passed recent legislation that is set to come into force on September 30, 2022 called Bill 51. It accomplishes two things: it repeals The Limitations of Actions Act and replaces it with The Limitations Act. The new legislation makes some significant changes from the old. These changes are critical to understand for lawyers and anyone considering bringing civil claims, as the… Read More »


By Gemma L. Brown, Partner and Alexandra Philippot, Articling Student-at-Law Bill C-208, which was introduced by Larry Maguire, MP from Brandon-Souris, makes amendments to the Income Tax Act by aiming to lessen the tax burden on intergenerational transfers of small businesses, family farms or fishing corporations. This bill addresses a gap in the Income Tax Act that made it more costly for small business owners… Read More »