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What should you do once you are named an Executor?

A loved one has passed away and you have been named the Executor. This is an important responsibility but one that will carry stress. Knowing where to start and actually doing so can be confusing. As the executor, your first duty is to locate the deceased’s will. This will not only be the document that gives you authority to act, it will give you a… Read More »

What is an Easement?

An easement is the right over another’s property. It grants the right to do something; such as a shared driveway or the right to walk across a property. An easement can also restrict the use of the property by restricting the owner from doing certain things. A property owner cannot, for example, put up a hedge or fence across a right-of-way. An easement usually requires… Read More »

Builders’ Liens

If you’re in the business of construction, providing materials or various services in the construction process, then you need to know the importance of protecting your interests with the legal tool known as “Builders’ Liens”. The Province of Manitoba is governed by The Builders’ Liens Act, setting out all of the relevant legal requirements permitting you to have a lien filed over the title of… Read More »