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Builders’ Liens Seminar

Attend our complimentary Builders’ Liens Seminar session on May 17, 2016, 8:00 am 85 Hwy 12 N, Steinbach MORE INFO

Can Someone Who is Tied up in Bankruptcy be Appointed as an Executor or Power of Attorney?

When writing up a Will or Power of Attorney one needs to be careful that the person(s) that they are appointing are trustworthy and capable. There are also potential legal limitations if a person appointed has declared bankruptcy. Appointment of an Undischarged Bankrupt as Executor: The Trustees Act states that a court may remove a person who is, among other things, bankrupt. An undischarged bankrupt can be an… Read More »

Are You Considering Buying a Rental Property?

When contemplating purchasing rental property, there are some additional key elements that need to be considered. For example, inquiries of the seller should be made as to whether there are written lease agreements; whether the property is correctly zoned for its usage; whether the rental is month-to-month or an annual tenancy; the rent payments for each unit/suite; whether rent is paid by a third party… Read More »