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Legal Pot and Employee-Employer Relationship

As you will have heard, the times have changed. With the legalization of cannabis, becoming effective October 17th, 2018, new questions are popping up. What does this mean, for not just our general privileges, like driving a car, but what about when we’re at work? As an employee, can I expect cannabis consumption to be treated the same as drinking on the job? As an… Read More »

Liability in Sports, Who’s at Fault?

As the Province is in the midst of “Jets Fever” one question that we are often faced with is, what happens when someone gets hurt playing organized sports and whose fault is it? The Court of Queen’s Bench of Manitoba heard a case in 2016 in regards to a referee who was injured in the course of his role as a referee (Henderson v. Canadian,… Read More »

Small Claims Court and You

We all have problems we face, whether personally or in business. Sometimes we’re forced to ask ourselves the question of whether or not our problem means enough to us that we should do something about it. Oftentimes, we don’t do anything because we don’t know where to start or what our options are. One of these options is having your problem resolved in the Small… Read More »

Drug Use in the Workplace

With the pending legalization of marijuana in 2018, many employers are concerned about how they can best manage the potential risks created by employees who use marijuana as well as other drugs. A recent decision by the Supreme Court of Canada gives employers greater guidance in workplace policies to effectively manage the risks associated with employee drug use. In Stewart v Elk Valley Coal Corp,… Read More »

Prescriptive Easements and Indefeasibility of Title

In our real property system landowners can, for the most part, absolutely rely on what the Certificate of Title says as a full and complete answer regarding rights to any particular piece of real property. Section 59 of Manitoba’s The Real Property Act says that very explicitly. It reads: Conclusive evidence — title paramount (indefeasible) 59(1)       Every certificate of title or registered instrument, as long as… Read More »

The Curious Case of Fuhrious Finneous

The former MP for our area now sits as a Court of Queen’s Bench judge. Justice Toews recently issued a colourful decision in regards to ownership of a pet. The case deals with a dispute over the ownership of a dog, having its origin in a romantic relationship that fell apart. The plaintiff in the case had moved in with the defendant and her children,… Read More »