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This Little Piggy Built a New Barn

The Manitoba government will be proposing legislation to remove the prohibition on expansion of hog barns and manure storage facilities. Bill 24, The Red Tape Reduction And Government Efficiency Act 2017, will enable hog producers to construct new hog barns and expand or modify existing ones. The bill will also remove the requirement for permits for building and expanding existing manure storage facilities and allow… Read More »

Residential Tenancies: Notice to Move Requirements

Landlords must give tenants a notice to move out based on the vacancy¬†rate (applicable to their region) if they need the tenant to move out because the: Landlord is moving into the unit Landlord is renovating the rental unit and tenants cannot live in the unit while the work is being done Landlord is demolishing the unit Landlord is changing the use of the unit… Read More »

Opportunity Knocks!

New Reporting Requirements for Sale of Principal Residences

On October 3, 2016, the Canadian federal government announced that when you sell your principal residence (or are considered to have sold it) you are now required to report on that sale.¬† That is a change. Until now you were not required to report the sale of a principal residence which was tax exempt. Starting in the 2016 tax year (generally due by the end… Read More »