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The Curious Case of Fuhrious Finneous

The former MP for our area now sits as a Court of Queen’s Bench judge. Justice Toews recently issued a colourful decision in regards to ownership of a pet. The case deals with a dispute over the ownership of a dog, having its origin in a romantic relationship that fell apart. The plaintiff in the case had moved in with the defendant and her children,… Read More »

Capital Gains for Farmers and Farmland

Farmers get special treatment from the government. For most citizens capital gains tax applies when an asset is sold, on the difference between the value when it was initially acquired and the value its sold for.  (There are some exceptions, such as for a personal residence.) This can be different for farmers. The government created special rules to preserve the family farm.  A farmer who… Read More »

Estate Planning and Probate Fees

Many people want to avoid “estate taxes”, or probate fees. Sometimes, this will be attempted by putting bank accounts or real estate into joint names, where a right of survivorship causes the asset to vest entirely in the name of the survivor (often a child) on the death of the owner of the asset. Usually this is a bad idea, with nasty unintended consequences. Doing… Read More »

Testamentary Freedom

As lawyers, we love to plan ahead and we constantly advise our clients to do so as well. This is why we like contracts, when something is decided before a conflict arises; the ability to react to that conflict is much easier. One of the key planning documents that we love is the will. This document allows you, as the testator, to direct where your… Read More »

What should you do once you are named an Executor?

A loved one has passed away and you have been named the Executor. This is an important responsibility but one that will carry stress. Knowing where to start and actually doing so can be confusing. As the executor, your first duty is to locate the deceased’s will. This will not only be the document that gives you authority to act, it will give you a… Read More »

What is an Easement?

An easement is the right over another’s property. It grants the right to do something; such as a shared driveway or the right to walk across a property. An easement can also restrict the use of the property by restricting the owner from doing certain things. A property owner cannot, for example, put up a hedge or fence across a right-of-way. An easement usually requires… Read More »