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Real estate law includes many types of transactions. These transactions may include the purchase, sale or transfer, or mortgage of Residential Property, Condominiums, Cottages (Manitoba and Ontario), Businesses, Farms or Farmland, and Rental Property.

Real estate transactions make up a large part of our practice. Our team of real estate lawyers will assist you in preparing or reviewing an Offer to Purchase or agreements such as well agreements, rights of first refusal, leases, and development requirements including subdivisions. We will also assist with the financing and security documentation that may be required by a lender.

Buying a Home

Buying a home is one of the most significant financial decisions people make during their lifetimes. Homebuyers in Manitoba should be aware that the doctrine of “buyer beware” is still alive and well with regard to this significant purchase. Typical offers to purchase used in Manitoba state that all promises made by a seller must be in writing, otherwise they will have no binding effect, and that most of the promises of a seller, even if in writing, will not continue to bind the seller after the closing of a transaction. For these and other reasons, a typical offer to purchase in Manitoba states, in bold print just above the buyer’s signature, that buyers are cautioned to make their own inquiries with respect to matters of importance to them prior to entering into the offer to purchase. Since the purchase of a home is such a significant financial investment, we recommend that you seek the involvement of a lawyer as soon as possible with respect to any purchase which you may be contemplating.

Selling a Home

Like buying a home, selling a home is one of the most significant financial decisions people make during their lifetimes. The importance of proper advice is therefore critical in selling a home.

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