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Rent Guidelines for 2024

Rent Guidelines The rent increase guideline is the amount by which landlords can increase the rent of units without applying to the Residential Tenancies Board. The Manitoba Government will increase the rent guideline by 3% starting January 1, 2024. This means that rent cannot be raised more than 3% in the year of 2024 with the exception of an application to the Residential Tenancies Board.… Read More »

Overtime Employment Standards – Construction Industry

Overtime requirements for construction jobs in the Province of Manitoba are governed either by the Employment Standards Code or The Construction Industry Wages Act (CIWA). For construction jobs that fall outside of CIWA, generally, employers must pay their employees overtime if they exceed 8 hours per day and 40 hours per week. However, Averaging Agreements and Averaging Permits allow for employees to work over the standard… Read More »

Congratulations Grant Driedger!

Congratulations to Grant Driedger for receiving the designation of King’s Counsel (K.C.) from the Government of Manitoba. This is an honorary title given to lawyers by the Lieutenant-Governor in Council based on recommendations made by the Attorney General, pursuant to The King’s Counsel Act. The Attorney General makes the recommendations after receiving the advice from an advisory council that includes representatives from the judiciary, the… Read More »

Selling a Home: Property Tax Adjustment

Property taxes must be paid on all residential real property as charged by the city, town or municipality in which the property is located. The tax period for all properties is the calendar year, despite the fact that the due dates for the payments of taxes will differ depending on the city, town or municipality rendering the tax bill. It is the usual practice that… Read More »

Buying a Home: Property Taxes

In a typical real estate purchase, an adjustment is usually made to the purchase price with respect to property taxes. This is due to the fact that property taxes are paid at different times of the year in the various areas of the province, but regardless of which area of the province the property is in, property taxes are always paid for the current calendar… Read More »

Why Make a Will?

By: Bryan J. Peters & Cassandra Bueckert Most people know that making a Will is important, but oddly enough, only about half of all Canadians (55%) have a Will and even less (40%) have a Power of Attorney.[1] While Estate Planning rarely makes it to the top of one’s priority list, having a proper estate plan in place will provide you, your loved ones and… Read More »