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Buying a Home: Mortgages

The majority of home buyers are not afforded the luxury of paying for a home without obtaining a loan from one of the many available lenders. As a result, it is usually a requirement that the buyer arrange a mortgage with their lender. A buyer of real property should be aware that the requirements of the mortgage will add to the documents that need to… Read More »

Buying a Home: Offer to Purchase

An offer to purchase is the form used to create the agreement between the buyer and seller. Once the offer to purchase is signed, the agreement between the parties is established, and your lawyer will be limited by the agreement with regard to their ability to assist you. Therefore, prior to entering into an offer to purchase you should investigate all matters of importance to… Read More »

Directors and Officers – Liability to Employees

Generally directors and officers of a corporation are not personally liable for the obligations of a corporation, with certain exceptions. Directors and officers need to understand when they may be held personally liable for the actions or inactions of the corporation. The law is very clear regarding a directors and officers’ duty to understand their corporation’s legal obligations – ignorance is no defence. If a… Read More »

“My Corporation has Dissolved, Does it Matter?”

Yes it does. A corporation, whether non-profit or for profit, is a legal “person”.  Once a corporation has dissolved, it is no longer an active legal entity.  Dissolution for a corporation is similar to when an individual has died. An incorporated body may be dissolved intentionally or unintentionally. The unintentional dissolutions are usually due to failure to file annual returns with the Companies Office. If… Read More »


BACKGROUND Alexandra grew up on a small acreage near Stonewall, Manitoba. Throughout her undergraduate degree, she worked as a legal assistant in her hometown and then joined SNJ in 2020 as a summer student. EDUCATION Alexandra obtained a Bachelor of Arts (Advanced) degree with a major in Psychology and a minor in French from the University of Manitoba, graduating with Distinction in 2018. She was… Read More »

Got my Judgment! Ready to Collect!

People are often shocked to find out that once they get court issued Judgment, that doesn’t mean they then get paid. What?! Yes – just because the Small Claims Court or the Court of Queen’s Bench has heard your case and decided in your favour, it does not mean that you automatically get the money that Judgment is for. If you went to Small Claims… Read More »