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Residential Tenancies: Notice to Move Requirements

Landlords must give tenants a notice to move out based on the vacancy rate (applicable to their region) if they need the tenant to move out because the:

  • Landlord is moving into the unit
  • Landlord is renovating the rental unit and tenants cannot live in the unit while the work is being done
  • Landlord is demolishing the unit
  • Landlord is changing the use of the unit to a non-residential use.

The Residential Tenancies Branch uses the vacancy rates that are set out in the CMHC’s most current fall edition of the Rental Market Reports.

A tenant in a fixed-term tenancy must receive notice to move that coincides with the end of their tenancy agreement.  If the tenant is on a month-to-month tenancy and the vacancy rate is below 3%, the landlord must give the tenant 3 months’ notice.

Below is an update of the vacancy rates and required notice periods:

Area                                                Notice Required
3 months
Winnipeg                                         4 months
Hanover                                           4 months
Brandon                                           4 months
Thompson                                       4 months
Portage La Prairie                          3 months
Winkler                                             5 months
Manitoba Average                         4 months

How we Can Help

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