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Residential Tenancies Branch

Are you a landlord and are having some issues with a tenant?

Are you a tenant and you’re having some issues with a landlord?

If so, there are options open to you to ensure that your legal rights are being respected and followed.

Ideally, nobody would ever have to pursue some formal arrangement to have their grievance heard, but the reality is that without such processes many people’s interests and needs would never be thought of without one.

These situations are exactly why the Residential Tenancies Branch exists. Numerous options are open to you, in whatever capacity you’re holding, to ensure that the obligations of all persons subject to The Residential Tenancies Act are fulfilled.

While it’s best to try to resolve such situations amongst ourselves, occasionally it will save a lot of headaches to have some government oversight when trying to resolve these issues. Whether it’s unpaid rent, your apartment’s condition not permitting a habitable environment, or conduct that is unacceptable on behalf of a tenant or a landlord, these are all situations that the Residential Tenancies Branch can assist with.

You may not necessarily need a lawyer to get your concerns heard, but it never hurts to get somebody with the time and knowledge in your corner to make sure that you can take advantage of the skills that lawyers have. This counts for even more when you face having to appeal or defend against an appeal before the Residential Tenancies Commission, a process that is much more formal and much more similar to the regular proceedings that professional litigators face in their daily lives.

The assistance a lawyer can give in these situations is submission preparation, cross-examinations of the opposing parties, guidance on the steps to take in pursuit of your grievance and the interpretation and application of the Residential Tenancies Act, among many others. We know that getting a lawyer involved is sometimes the last step that you want to take; yet, we may be able to offer assistance and advice far in advance of ever reaching a last step or suffering from your first headache.

If you think you could benefit from our assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our offices, the litigators at Smith Neufeld Jodoin LLP are here to ensure that your bottom line is a consideration from the front lines of the problem you’re trying to have solved; and any situation involving yours or your tenant’s residence is an interest that deserves representation from people who’ve been there themselves and can relate to your individual needs.

There’s no need for your tenancies dispute to turn into a war. Let us help you broker the peace.

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