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2023 Rent Guidelines

Rent Guidelines

In Manitoba all residential rentals are governed by The Residential Tenancies Act (“the Act”)  which is administered by The Residential Tenancies Board (“the RTB”).  Each year a rent increase guideline amount is pronounced, which prescribes the percentage by which rents may be increased by a landlord without obtaining special permission from the RTB.

Even though there has been substantial inflation and increased costs throughout 2022, the RTB has maintained the rent increase guideline at 0% continuing into 2023.

There are certain residential units that are exempt from the rent increase guidelines, including:

  • units renting for $1,570 or more a month as of December 31, 2021 and December 31, 2022
  • units managed by, or for, the Government of Canada, Government of Manitoba or a municipality
  • caretaker/employee units
  • life lease complexes that are run on a non-profit basis
  • rental units in hotels or motels
  • units in nursing homes or personal care homes
  • student housing
  • If a complex was built and occupied after March 7, 2005, the units are exempt from the guideline for 20 years.

The Act also does not apply to commercial tenancies.

Landlords are able to apply to the RTB for a larger rent increase if they can show that the guideline amount will not cover their cost increases. These costs must be increases that have already occurred and not increases that are anticipated to occur.

Landlords must be diligent in ensuring that they comply with these regulations, and provide the required notices to tenants as set forth in the Act and its Regulations (3 months before the rent increase can take effect).

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