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Buying a Home: Fees & Disbursements


The fees to your lawyer, with respect to the purchase of your new home, are charged for all typical work with respect to your purchase including title searches at the land titles office, answering your questions and meeting with you to review all documents, exchanging information with the seller’s lawyer and negotiating satisfactory closing trust conditions, preparing all documentation necessary to complete the purchase and ensuring all appropriate documentation has been completed and registered at land titles, reporting to your lender and to you regarding the purchase and any mortgage, investigating taxes relating to the property, and other related matters. To ensure fair and competitive fees, the lawyers within our firm generally abide by a price guideline established by our firm, which is dependent upon the amount of the transaction, and the complexity of the transaction. Please feel free to contact any lawyer in our firm for a fee quote as we would be happy to provide one to you and believe our fees are fair and competitive.


In addition to the costs of various documents and searches as discussed above, and in addition to the fees charged by your lawyer, there are many other costs that must be incurred in order to complete the purchase of a home. These costs include the costs of registering the mortgage, caveats, right-of-way agreements, etc., as these documents may be needed. For example, the cost charged by the Provincial government to register a mortgage in the Land Titles Office is $85.

The Land Titles Office will also charge the law office for title searches conducted, and copies of plans, caveats, easements, and rights-of-way ordered, as they apply to any given property. These costs range on average from $20 to $80.

Finally, all law offices charge for other expenses such as courier charges, photocopies, postage, fax charges, file materials, and long-distance charges.

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