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Canada Pension Plan Top Up – The Child Rearing Provision

Individuals who left the work force, or had low earnings because they were caring for a child under the age of seven may be able to qualify for benefits or increase their Canada Pension Plan Benefits. To qualify the individual must have either not worked or had low earnings while being the primary caregiver of a child under the age of seven who was born… Read More »

Accounting Tips for Executors, Trustees and Attorneys

Anyone who holds assets for the benefit of someone else is in a position of trust. These individual controlling the assets are called “Trustees”, and the people entitled to the benefits of those assets are called “beneficiaries”. There are different types of Trustees: executors, administrators for an estate and attorneys acting under a Power of Attorney are a few examples. To promote clarity and ensure… Read More »

Health Care Directives

Elsewhere, this website has featured articles on Wills and Powers of Attorney. A Will is a written document which sets out the method of distribution of the assets of the deceased. A Power of Attorney is a written document wherein the individual, called the donor, appoints an attorney or attorneys to carry on the donor’s day to day affairs during the lifetime of the donor… Read More »