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Mail Forwarding for Estate Administrators

Following a death, an executor’s responsibilities and list of tasks can be lengthy. While it may take a while to get everything in order, one important task to take care of early is dealing with the deceased’s mail. Taking care of this task early on will ensure that all bills or important correspondence sent to the deceased will not be missed but rather, will be forwarded to the necessary individual.

Canada Post offers a mail forwarding service, wherein mail is delivered to a new or temporary address anywhere in Canada or the world. There are two different types of mail forwarding services available, however it should be noted that when dealing with mail forwarding for a deceased person, Mail Forwarding for Moves must be purchased.

There are two different ways that you can purchase mail forwarding, either online or in person at your nearest Canada Post office:

Option 1: Purchase Mail Forwarding Online

To buy mail forwarding online on behalf of a deceased individual:

  • Specify whose mail you’d like to have forwarded and complete the online form on Canada Post’s website.
  • Print the barcode and pay online.
  • Take the barcode and the appropriate supporting documentation to any Canada Post office to finalize the transaction. See below under “Required Supporting Documentation” to see what documents to bring with you.


Option 2: Purchase Mail Forwarding at a Canada Post Office

To buy Mail Forwarding at a post office on behalf of deceased individual:

  • Attend to any Canada Post office and complete a form. To save time, you can print and complete the Mail Forwarding form (available on the Canada Post website) beforehand.
  • When attending to the Canada Post office, ensure you have the appropriate documentation with you so you do not have to make two trips. See below under “Required Supporting Documentation” to see what to bring with you.

Required Supporting Documentation

Once you have purchased mail forwarding (whether online or in person) you will need to provide the following documents to a Canada Post office to complete the transaction:

  • Your government-issued photo ID (e.g. driver’s license, passport)

  • Barcode from your online purchase (if applicable)

  • One of the following certificates:
    • Vital Certificates Death Certificate;
    • Medical examiner certificate;
    • Funeral director certificate;
    • Cremation certificate; or
    • Another certificate by a comparable authority (ie. out of country)
  • Proof of appointment as the legal representative, such as one of the following:
    • Grant of Probate,
    • Letters of Administration (with or without will attached)
    • Certificate of appointment of the estate liquidator or Certified statement of the liquidator
    • Statutory declaration form
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