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Buying a Home: Land Transfer Tax

Land transfer tax is paid by a buyer of real estate in Manitoba. There are only very limited exceptions to the payment of land transfer tax. For example, an “interspousal” transfer of land between spouses or common-law partners is typically exempt from land transfer tax, and the sale of farmland to another farmer, as defined by the applicable legislation, who will use the land for… Read More »

Prescriptive Easements and Indefeasibility of Title

In our real property system landowners can, for the most part, absolutely rely on what the Certificate of Title says as a full and complete answer regarding rights to any particular piece of real property. Section 59 of Manitoba’s The Real Property Act says that very explicitly. It reads: Conclusive evidence — title paramount (indefeasible) 59(1)       Every certificate of title or registered instrument, as long as… Read More »

Shared Well Agreements

A feature of some (typically rural) neighbourhoods is the shared well. A shared well is a well that provides water to more than one property, usually so that the costs of installation and maintenance can be shared.  We are told that some feel having a regular flow of water that results from usage by more than one property (up to a certain point where too… Read More »

Non-Profit and Charitable Organization By-Laws

The Corporations Act (Manitoba) allows the directors of non-profit or charitable organizations to pass by-laws governing internal procedures and corporate structures. Many organizations take the initial step of incorporation but fail to implement by-laws. The following are a few of the areas and issues that by-laws should cover. Notice of Meetings Well drafted by-laws provide for the necessary notice periods for meetings of the board… Read More »

Congratulations Samuel Teichroew!

Samuel received his Call to the Manitoba Bar on May 16, 2017 after graduating with his law degree from the University of Manitoba. He also holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) from the University of Manitoba. Samuel articled with SNJ and is now an associate lawyer. He looks forward to providing legal services to clients in the southeastern region with his practice focusing on corporate and commercial… Read More »

Builders’ Lien Act Considerations when Purchasing a New Home

While the purchase of a newly constructed home is an exciting time, it is important that proper consideration be given to the protections afforded both home owners and contractors under The Builders’ Liens Act of Manitoba (the “Act). Individuals or companies who perform work and/or provide services/materials on a project are able to file a lien against the property. While builders’ liens can be registered… Read More »