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The Curious Case of Fuhrious Finneous

The former MP for our area now sits as a Court of Queen’s Bench judge. Justice Toews recently issued a colourful decision in regards to ownership of a pet. The case deals with a dispute over the ownership of a dog, having its origin in a romantic relationship that fell apart. The plaintiff in the case had moved in with the defendant and her children,… Read More »

Rent Guidelines for 2017

The Manitoba Government has set the rent increase guideline – being the amount by which landlords can increase the rent of units without applying to the branch – to 1.5% effective January 1, 2017. There are certain residential units that are exempt from the rent increase guidelines, including: units renting for more than $1,455 a month as of December 31, 2016 units managed by, or… Read More »

Capital Gains for Farmers and Farmland

Farmers get special treatment from the government. For most citizens capital gains tax applies when an asset is sold, on the difference between the value when it was initially acquired and the value its sold for.  (There are some exceptions, such as for a personal residence.) This can be different for farmers. The government created special rules to preserve the family farm.  A farmer who… Read More »

Estate Planning and Probate Fees

Many people want to avoid “estate taxes”, or probate fees. Sometimes, this will be attempted by putting bank accounts or real estate into joint names, where a right of survivorship causes the asset to vest entirely in the name of the survivor (often a child) on the death of the owner of the asset. Usually this is a bad idea, with nasty unintended consequences. Doing… Read More »

Manitoba New Home Warranty Act – Will you be Ready for it?

The Manitoba provincial government has proclaimed the New Home Warranty Act and Regulation to come into force as of January 1, 2018. As a new home buyer, a builder or a lender, you should start to familiarize yourselves with the new rules and requirements, so that you are not caught off guard.  The following is a basic overview of the new regulatory scheme: In most… Read More »

Testamentary Freedom

As lawyers, we love to plan ahead and we constantly advise our clients to do so as well. This is why we like contracts, when something is decided before a conflict arises; the ability to react to that conflict is much easier. One of the key planning documents that we love is the will. This document allows you, as the testator, to direct where your… Read More »