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New Safety Inspection Regulations for Highway Trucks

As of September 1st, 2015, under amendments to The Highway Traffic Act, if you are the operator of a heavy T-plated truck or a heavy passenger vehicle, you will be required to hold a Safety Fitness Certificate and meet program requirements. A heavy vehicle refers to: a truck or truck tractor with a registered gross vehicle weight (RGVW) of 4500 kg or more, or a… Read More »

Residential Tenancies: Changes to Notice to Move Requirements

Landlords must give tenants a notice to move out based on the vacancy rate (applicable to their region) if they need the tenant to move out because the: Landlord is moving into the unit Landlord is renovating the rental unit and tenants cannot live in the unit while the work is being done Landlord is demolishing the unit Landlord is changing the use of the… Read More »